ThermoSoil® Root Warmer Pro

Electric Heating for Precise Soil Temperature Control

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  • Includes 120V/24V transformer
  • Controls multiple pots, expandable
  • Easy connection to in home outlets
  • FiberThermic heating elements for safe reliable heating
  • Kit includes Smart Pot Aeration Container
  • Advanced controller operates fan for cooling capability
  • Made in the USA

ThermoSoil Root Warmer Pro Kit

Starter kits include a controller, connector, sensor, heating mats and fabric pots. Select expansion kits to add more pots to the same controller.Contact us for project assistance.

RWSK-5G-FP5 gal0.8A
RWEK-5G-FP5 gal0.4A

Thermostats & Sensors

A floor heating thermostat is necessary to control your radiant heat system. Most of our thermostats are dual-voltage and include a 5ma GFCI, unlike models from online warehouse retailers. A thermostat is capable of a 15-amp load; adding a power module or relay will increase system load capacity. Each includes a floor sensor, but a backup is recommended. Select 1 thermostat for each zone desired. Contact an expert for guidance.

This overview does not substitute for a full reading of the Installation Manual.

    ThermoSoil Root Warmer Pro Kit Document

    ThermoSoil Root Warmer Pro Kit FAQ

    What is the ThermoSoil Root Warmer Pro Kit?
    The ThermoSoil Root Warmer Pro Kit is a full featured and expandable root zone temperature control solution. The Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start warming 4 pots, and the system is expandable to accomodate a greater number of plants. The advanced controller can even be used to control a fan in order to provide additional air circulation to cool off the plants if the temperatures ever climb too high.Shop Now
    Is this a safe product to use in my greenhouse or other facility?
    Yes. The electrical system was designed for use in wet environments and the connects are simple and safe to make. Our heating technology has been in use in homes, businesses, and greenhouses for decades and all of our products have an exemplary record of success, safety, and reliability.Shop Now
    Can I use the ThermoSoil Root Warmer with my plantings?
    Yes, almost any plant can benefit from consistently warmer temperatures above ambient and ThermoSoil Root Warmers help acheive this ideal environment for your plants.Shop Now
    How do I set up ThermoSoil? How does it all get connected?
    ThermoSoil Root Warmer Kits are incredibly easy to set up, and they are connected easily, powered via a standard outlet with the included transformer.Shop Now
    I'm still confused.
    Then call us, email us, or message us through our website! Our in house customer service experts are happy to assist you!Shop Now

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