ThermoFilm® Mats

Electric In-Floor Heating Film

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  • 11 W/ft² output engineered for laminate, vinyl, or carpet
  • Made to be compatible with laminate floor with built-in backing
  • Designed to be combined with many underlayment options
  • Shortened on-site and available in 1 foot increments
  • Laid out simply under floating floors

In-Floor Heating Film

Combine mats as needed to fit open walkable space, avoiding areas covered by cabinets, vanities or other permanent fixtures. The heating mats can be shortened but cannot be reshaped. Each mat will connect to the thermostat, so larger mats will reduce required connections. On a sole thermostat, 120V mats cover up to 163 ft²; 240V mats cover up to 327 ft². DO NOT MIX VOLTAGES.Contact us for project assistance.

36TFLM120-23.0' x 2.0'
6 ft²
36TFLM120-33.0' x 3.0'
9 ft²
36TFLM120-43.0' x 4.0'
12 ft²
36TFLM120-53.0' x 5.0'
15 ft²
36TFLM120-63.0' x 6.0'
18 ft²
36TFLM120-73.0' x 7.0'
21 ft²
36TFLM120-83.0' x 8.0'
24 ft²
36TFLM120-93.0' x 9.0'
27 ft²
36TFLM120-103.0' x 10.0'
30 ft²
36TFLM120-113.0' x 11.0'
33 ft²
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Learn more about NEUP10-0Unheated underlayment is recommended for use under select floor heating systems, above the subfloor. When installing ThermoFloor, additional underlayment is required for unheated areas to achieve an even, level floor.
Underlayment Pad - 3' x 10'

Provides acoustic protection while keeping floors level.

Learn more about NEUP40-0Unheated underlayment is recommended for use under select floor heating systems, above the subfloor. When installing ThermoFloor, additional underlayment is required for unheated areas to achieve an even, level floor.
Underlayment Pad - 3' x 40'

Provides acoustic protection while keeping floors level.

Learn more about FLX-MB100A polyethylene moisture barrier is required for laying above the subfloor, before heating mats are laid, to prevent moisture and damage to the system from the subfloor.
Moisture Barrier

Shields against possible dampness encountered on subfloor.

Learn more about TH-180408X4Fiberboard (MDF) is recommended for use over select electric radiant systems to maintain level floors and protect heating elements.
Fiberboard (4 pcs)

Protects heating wires (4' x 2' x 1/8").


Thermostats & Critical Components

A floor heating thermostat is necessary to control your radiant heat system. Most of our floor heating thermostats are dual-voltage and include a 5ma GFCI, unlike models from online warehouse retailers. A thermostat is capable of a 15-amp load; adding a power module or relay will increase system load capacity. Each includes a floor sensor, but a backup is recommended. Select 1 thermostat for each zone desired. Contact an expert for guidance.

Learn more about UWG4-4999The OJ WiFi enabled touch screen thermostats are the latest, most cutting-edge option in heating controls.
Wi-Fi & Touch
Learn more about UWG5-4999OJ Smart Thermostats integrate with all home assistants and can be controlled easily from an app.
WiFi LED Touch
Learn more about UDG4-4999OJ Touch Screen thermostats have intuitive interfaces for stress-free operation and control of your heating systems in classic white color.
Touch Screen
Learn more about UDG4-4999-N4OJ Touch Screen thermostats have easy and intuitive interfaces for stress-free operation and control of your heating systems in the sleek black color.
Touch Screen - Black
Learn more about TH115-AF-GA/UAube Standard Programable thermostats allow for extensive programmability of 120- or 240-volt heating systems.
Learn more about UDG-4999OJ Advanced Programable thermostats allow for extensive programmability of heating systems and calendar scheduling.
Learn more about AC112-01/UA backup temperature sensor is recommended to be installed with the system in the event of a future sensor failure
Backup Sensor

Avoid future replacement headaches (15'). Include 1 per thermostat.

Learn more about IK-CONA thermostat installation kit makes installation of heating systems easy. Get everything you need in one simple kit and save time and money.
Mounting Kit

2-Gang electrical box, conduit & connectors. Include 1 per thermostat.


Electrical Accessories

Learn more about INSTALRMInstAlarm cable fault finder is recommended to ensure no damage is done to the heating element before, during, and after installation.

Monitor mats for faults during install

Learn more about MULTIMTRA digital multimeter is recommended to measure the heath of mats and cables during installation.

Verify resistance before/after install

Learn more about FLX-BLOCKA Wago connector is recommended for multiple electrical connections while installing ThermoSoft heating systems.
Lead Splicer (4 pcs)

A better wire nut for multiple leads

Learn more about USG-4000The OJ power module is recommended when multiple mats exceed amp allowances and must be connected to a single thermostat.
OJ Power Module

Doubles the capacity of 1 thermostat


Tools & Kits

Learn more about KNPD-318Installation of heating systems may be taxing on the installer’s knees. Avoid aches, pains, and damage to the heating mat with kneepads while protecting the heating element of your system.
Foam Kneepads

Protect the heat wires

Learn more about DT-17860Duct tape is recommended for positioning mats in parallel during installation and keeping them completely flat.
Duct Tape

1-7/8" wide, 60 yards long


How To Install ThermoFilm Heating Mats

This overview does not substitute for a full reading of the Installation Manual.

The below steps will take you from beginning to end simply, but please refer to the full Installation Manual or call us to go over a more detailed installation plan.

ThermoFilm Mats are an easy way to add heat to any floating floor, and can even work for almost any other type of floor covering when embedded in cement!

Before beginning your installation:

  • Ensure that you have a structurally sound subfloor
1Make sure you have the right amount of material
Step 1 of Installation of floor heating ThermoFilm mats is to make sure you have the right amount of material.
  • The mats should cover the entire floor space.
  • Follow heating mats spacing from walls according to the manual.
  • Heating elements should be in areas where you can walk, stand, or want to heat. See your manual for areas to avoid heating.
  • Contact support if you have any questions prior to your installation.
2Prepare conduits and electrical boxes for thermostat installation later.
Step 2 of installation of floor heating with ThermoFilm mats is to prepare conduits and electrical boxes for thermostat installation later.
  • Complete electrical rough-in
  • This step may be done after cable is laid but is more difficult to do later as location of thermostat may change location of heating system.
3Install moisture barrier and underlayment on the subfloor.
Step 3 of installation of floor heating with ThermoFilm mats is to install the moisture barrier and underlayment on the subfloor.
  • Moisture barrier should go down first, then underlayment.
  • Moisture barrier should overlap 4-6 inches onto the next sheet.
  • Duct tape underlayment pads to each other along seams to keep in place.
4Roll out your radiant floor warming film and arrange to fit your heated area. Tape seams of film rows.
Step 4 of installation of floor heating with ThermoFilm mats is to roll out your radiant floor warming film and arrange it to fit your heated area, taping seams of film rows.
  • Make sure to roll the heating mat out with stickers facing the ceiling.
  • Duct tape the mat seams together, paying attention not to cover the heating element.
5Install floor temperature sensor and run lead wires from the end of each film to the electrical junction box.
Step 5 of installation of floor heating with ThermoFilm mats is to install floor temperature sensor and run lead wires from the end of each film mat to the electrical junction box.
  • Highly recommended to install a backup sensor.
  • Position sensor evenly between 2 heating mats.
  • Do not cross the heating mats.
6Cover film with vapor barrier.
Step 6 of installation of floor heating with ThermoFilm mats is to cover film with vapor barrier.
  • Moisture barrier should overlap 4-6 inches onto the next sheet.
  • Use adhesive strips to secure sheets onto each other.
7Install floor covering following floor manufacturer's instructions.
Step 7 of installation of floor heating with ThermoFilm mats is to install floor covering following floor manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For wall-to-wall carpet, carpet tile, and vinyl, install fiberboard over ThermoFilm.

ThermoFilm Mats Documents

ThermoFilm Mats FAQ

What is ThermoFilm?
ThermoFilm is a powerful, thin radiant heating mat system that provides uniform heat to any floating floor. ThermoFilm combines with most choices for underlayment and can even be shortened in the field in order to perfectly fit any space!Shop Now
Is this a safe product to put in my home or business?
Yes. All our floor heating solutions endure rigorous development and quality control testing to ensure that your floor heating system is reliable and safe.Shop Now
Can I use ThermoFilm with my floor material? What if my project uses an underlayment?
ThermoFilm is compatible with a wide variety of floor materials like vinyl, laminate, and carpet. Let us know if you have any questions because we are here to help. One note you should keep in mind is that ThermoFilm is not rated for wet areas like bathrooms. We have other options available for wet areas like ThermoTile and WarmStep that are perfect for a tile or engineered wood bathroom floor, for example. ThermoFilm is compatible with any underlayment you would use in an installation, including a pre-attached underlayment like some vinyl floors have.Shop Now
How do I install ThermoFilm? How does it all get connected?
ThermoFilm installs directly under a floating floor and is compatible with a variety of underlayment options. Simply lay out your underlayment and then position ThermoFilm above the underlayment. You can also install ThermoFilm under an MDF layer. ThermoFilm mats are then wired in parallel to a floor heating thermostat. The number of mats and layout of the room will affect the exact process of how to wire the heating mats together. Please see the Installation Manual for explicit directions or call us anytime for assistance.Shop Now
Will this add height to my floor?
ThermoFilm will add up to about 1/32nd of an inch to your floor height. Depending on the type of floor coverings or the potential presence of an underlayment padding, this height may end up being negligible according to industry standards on floor height deviation allowances.Shop Now
Can I combine more than one mat or cable to fit a space?
Most projects involve using more than one mat, but this means that multiple mats are wired in parallel to the thermostat. The thing to remember is that you are not daisy-chaining in series wiring or extending the mats, but rather combining them to cover the appropriate square footage.Shop Now
Can I cut, shorten, or reshape ThermoFilm?
ThermoFilm can be shortened by cutting in the indicated spaces on the mats. The areas approved for cutting will be clearly described in the included documentation. While you may shorten the mats in the field, you cannot reshape them, so the mats will remain rectangular in shape and it will be necessary to plan your layout accordingly.Shop Now
Can I shorten the lead wires?
The lead wires, also known as cold leads because they do not produce heat, can be cut, shortened, or spliced with additional cold lead wires to lengthen them.Shop Now
What do I do with areas not covered by heating system?
ThermoFilm has such a low profile that there is no need to fill in areas that are not heated with some sort of blank material.Shop Now
How many watts per square foot does ThermoFilm output?
ThermoFilm produces 11 watts per square foot of heating.Shop Now
How much will it cost to run this system?
The cost to operate is a complicated question to answer, as electrical rates vary by area, insulation of the home, and even by time of day. Additionally, a cost-to-operate is further complicated because the money spent on your radiant heat can result in a net savings on total utilities cost due to reduced use of your traditional HVAC, which is added to by the fact that you will spend less on HVAC system maintenance by relying on electric radiant heat. So, keeping in mind the nuances of describing the operating costs of an electric radiant heat system, we recommend talking to one of our experts about the operating cost of your individual project.Shop Now
How hot does ThermoFilm get?
Sometimes, we like to answer a question with a follow-up question. Usually, we are asked about “how hot” a system gets for a couple of reasons, so it is important to understood why you ask. Are you concerned about providing enough heat to adequately warm your space? If so, a properly installed ThermoFilm can provide about 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature difference above the ambient temperature of the room. In practice, this is more than enough, even in extremely cold climates. We are positive that you will be entirely satisfied with the heat produced by ThermoFilm. Are you concerned about applying too much heat to your chosen floor material? If so, fear not! ThermoFilm is designed to have a gentle, reliable, and consistent delivery of heat to your floor material. If you are heating a more temperature sensitive floor material, you can ensure a healthy floor with appropriate use of your thermostat. Just give us a call if you need some guidance. Lastly, we highly recommend choosing a thermostat that includes a temperature limiter if this is one of your concerns!Shop Now
How long will ThermoFilm last? How long is the warranty?
ThermoFilm requires no regular maintenance once installed correctly and if left undisturbed (remember your radiant system is down there when planning a remodel!). The heating mats are warrantied for 10 years, but after 17 years being on the market, we have yet to see a ThermoFilm mat fail due to old age. The thermostats that we offer are warrantied for 3 years because we only use thermostats with GFCI protection which, per national electric code, is recommended to be replaced every 3 years. Replacing a thermostat is simple, easy, and inexpensive.Shop Now
I’m still confused.
Then call us, email us, or message us through our website! Our in-house customer service experts will be happy to help you with your project.Shop Now

Features of ThermoFilm Mats:

  • Made in the USA
  • Designed to minimize time and labor
  • Compatible with most floating floor coverings
  • Low profile eliminates the need for transitions
  • ETL Listed in the U.S. and Canada
  • Floor heating adds comfort and property values
  • Smart when combined with a WiFi thermostat
  • Designed for life
  • Smart when combined with a WiFi thermostat
  • Backed by 10 year warranty

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