ThermoSoil® Propagation Mat

Electric Heating for Precise Soil Temperature Control

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  • Easy control with our full line of thermostats
  • Available in various sizes
  • Combine sizes for your desired heated area
  • In-soil temperature sensor for accurate control
  • Made in the USA

ThermoSoil Propagation Mats

Choose a propagation mat in either 1.5 or 3 foot widths and length up to 60 feet. Multiple propagation mats can be wired together in parallel to increase heated area. Select a thermostat to control the temperature of the soil above of the propagation mat(s). On a sole thermostat, 120-volt mats cover up to 150 ft². This system is required to be hardwired.Contact us for project assistance.

TSHFM18040-120B1.5' x 40.0'
60 ft²
TSHFM18050-120B1.5' x 50.0'
75 ft²
TSHFM18060-120B1.5' x 60.0'
90 ft²
TSHFM18070-120B1.5' x 70.0'
105 ft²

Thermostats & Sensors

A floor heating thermostat is necessary to control your radiant heat system. Most of our thermostats are dual-voltage and include a 5ma GFCI, unlike models from online warehouse retailers. A thermostat is capable of a 15-amp load; adding a power module or relay will increase system load capacity. Each includes a floor sensor, but a backup is recommended. Select 1 thermostat for each zone desired. Contact an expert for guidance.

Learn more about TH115-AF-GA/UAube Standard Programable thermostats allow for extensive programmability of 120- or 240-volt heating systems.
Learn more about UDG-4999OJ Advanced Programable thermostats allow for extensive programmability of heating systems and calendar scheduling.
Learn more about UDG4-4999OJ Touch Screen thermostats have intuitive interfaces for stress-free operation and control of your heating systems in classic white color.
Touch Screen
Learn more about UWG4-4999The OJ WiFi enabled touch screen thermostats are the latest, most cutting-edge option in heating controls.
Wi-Fi & Touch
Learn more about UDG4-4999-N4OJ Touch Screen thermostats have easy and intuitive interfaces for stress-free operation and control of your heating systems in the sleek black color.
Touch Screen - Black
Learn more about UWG5-4999OJ Smart Thermostats integrate with all home assistants and can be controlled easily from an app.
WiFi LED Touch
Learn more about AC112-01/UA backup temperature sensor is recommended to be installed with the system in the event of a future sensor failure
Backup Sensor

Avoid future replacement headaches (15'). Include 1 per thermostat.

Learn more about IK-CONA thermostat installation kit makes installation of heating systems easy. Get everything you need in one simple kit and save time and money.
Mounting Kit

2-Gang electrical box, conduit & connectors. Include 1 per thermostat.


This overview does not substitute for a full reading of the Installation Manual.

    ThermoSoil Propagation Mats FAQ

    What are ThermoSoil Propagation Mats?
    ThermoSoil Propagation Mats are a durable and high quality system of heating cables arranged in a mat that is perfect for aiding seeds and young plants. ThermoSoil Propagation Mats are made in the U.S.A. and are paired with one of our premium thermostats to power the heating mats and control the temperature accurately for optimal growing conditions.Shop Now
    Is this a safe product to use in my greenhouse or other facility?
    Yes. The electrical connections between the cold lead wire and the heating cable are hermetically sealed, so normal watering and typical spills will not be a problem. Additioanlly, the controlling thermostats use GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) protection for added safety.Shop Now
    Can I use ThermoSoil Propagation Mats with my plantings?
    Yes, almost any plant can benefit from consistently warmer temperatures above ambient and ThermoSoil Propagation Mats help acheive this ideal environment for your young plants.Shop Now
    How do I set up ThermoSoil? How does it all get connected?
    ThermoSoil Propagation Mats are incredibly easy to set up, and the system is hard wired to your home's or facility's line electrical voltage. The electrical connections required are something any qualified electrican can handle.Shop Now
    I'm still confused.
    Then call us, email us, or message us through our website! Our in house customer service experts are happy to assist you!Shop Now

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