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Solve challenging problems: Even in difficult environments like warehouses with concrete floors or remote greenhouses with solar power, ThermoSoil provides an easy solution.

Peace of mind for growers: Time, money, blood, sweat and tears. You have made an investment. Protect it with reliable control of your plants' well being.

Precise control: A sensor in the soil feeds information back to controllers which direct the heaters to supply the exact necessary amount of heat.

Speed up vital processes: ThermoSoil creates a more uniform temperature control, and this speeds up germination as well as the rooting of transplants and cuttings.

Reduced energy use and dependency

Heating the soil, not the air: The roots are the part of the plant that truly needs the heat, so your air temperature can be lower.

More efficient than air heating: Studies have shown that by heating root zones directly, the air temperature can be reduced by 5-15 degrees Farenheit, this is a significant reduction of energy use.

No wasted heating system use: Other root zone heaters can waste square footage heating areas that are not in direct contact with soil areas.

Save money, help the environment: Energy costs you money and has an environmental impact. Efficient heater design and reduced need for air temperature heat means an overall savings for you, and for the environment.

Better growing and production seasons

No longer at the mercy of changing seasons: Commercial planting takes careful planning, but when temperature changes don't cooperate ThermoSoil is there to help with growing spaces with less-than-ideal insulation.

No more worry about stable outdoor temperatures: Say goodbye to the stress and worry about outdoor temperatures when you know your root zones are warm, cozy, and productive.

Reduce the impact of your geography: Selecting a site for a greenhouse or warehouse growing venture used to be limited by friendly geogrpahy. ThermoSoil opens up more options for you.

More consistent temperatures for the best yields: If lower stress, easier planning, and more geographic options weren't enough, keep in mind that consistent controlled temperatures means better and greater yields.

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