ThermoTub® Heaters

Radiant Heating Pads for Bathtubs and Showers

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  • Controller handles up to 4 heaters
  • Speedy and efficient warm-up with integrated foil and foam insulation.
  • One touch control and adjustment for optimum customized comfort level.
  • Peel and stick installation with plug and play controls for fast install
  • Proven brand-name controls and outdoor-rated sensors
  • Hermetically sealed connections for reliable performance in wet areas
  • Made in the USA and UL listed

Bathtub Heaters

Select multiple sizes and shapes to fit your backrests, armrests, and tub seats. Connect up to 2 heaters per control or up to 4 heaters per control with 2 ThermoSplitters. DO NOT EXCEED 3A PER CONTROL.Contact us for project assistance.

BTH0212-2012" x 12"0.2A
BTH0312-2013" x 12"0.3A
BTH0316-2013" x 16"0.5A
BTH0412-2014" x 12"0.5A
BTH0608-2016" x 8"0.5A
BTH0612-2016" x 12"0.7A
BTH0616-2016" x 16"1.0A
BTH0812-2018" x 12"1.0A
BTH0816-2018" x 16"1.4A
BTH0912-2019" x 12"1.2A
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Controllers & Sensors

ThermoTub accessories and controllers make installation and operation easy. Rapid warm-up, one-touch temperature maintenance, 30 minute automatic shutoff, and energy-saving settings reduce operating costs. Contact an expert for guidance.

Learn more about BTCK-12024-2CHWHThermoTub Heaters come in multiple sizes and shapes. A complete system includes heater pads, ThermoSplitter, TubTape, Soft Touch LED Keypad knowbs, and a Tub Heating Control kit.
Tub Heating Controller Kit

Comes with ThermoSplitter and Soft Touch LED Keypad.

Learn more about BTH-KPD2-CGA-WHSoft Touch LED Keypad for on/off operation of  ThermoTub Heaters in silver or white.
Soft Touch LED Keypad

One keypad for on/off operation. Choose from white or silver.

Learn more about BTH-SPLThermoSplitter for ThermoTub Heaters allow connections for multiple heaters.

Connect multiple heaters easily.

Learn more about TubTape

Easily tape seams and edges with special cloth tape.


How To Install ThermoTub Pad?

This overview does not substitute for a full reading of the Installation Manual.

ThermoTub is designed for quick and easy installation in the field or factory. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional installer, ThermoTub can be installed in as little as 10 steps as illustrated below. Just be sure to follow the detailed instroctuions provided with every order and local codes.

    1Provide 120V GFCI circuit with access.
    Step 1 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to provide 120 volt GFCI circuit with access.
    2Clean surface of tub.
    Step 2 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to clean the surface of the tub.
    3Peel off release paper and position heater.
    Step 3 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to peel off the release paper and position the heater.
    4Attach control to tub frame.
    Step 4 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to attach the control to the tub frame.
    5Use mounting tabs to secure control.
    Step 5 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to use mounting tabs to secure the control.
    6Or attach control to 2x4 secured to floor, or between alcove studs (see last photo).
    Step 6 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to attach control to 2 x 4 secured to floor, or between alcove studs.
    7Connect keypad cord to keypad.
    Step 7 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to connect the keypad cord to the keypad.
    8Peel release paper from underside of keypad.
    Step 8 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to peel the release paper from the underside of the keypad.
    9Press keypad into hole drilled in tub, wall, or extension shelf.
    Step 9 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to press the keypad into the hole drilled in the tub, wall, or extension shelf.
    10Remove release paper, press decal on keypad.
    Step 10 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to remove the release paper and press the decal on the keypad.
    11Snap keypad ring over keypad.
    Step 11 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to snap the keypad ring over the keypad.
    12Apply silicone seal around keypad.
    Step 12 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to apply a silicone seal around the keypad.
    13Make all connections.
    Step 13 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to make all connections.
    14Connect heater(s) to control.
    Step 14 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to connect the heaters to the control.
    15Plug control into 120V GFCI circuit.
    Step 15 of installing tub heating with ThermoTub heaters is to plug the control into a 120 volt GFCI circuit.

    ThermoTub Documents

    ThermoTub FAQ

    What is ThermoTub?
    ThermoTub is an adhesive heater that is applied to the back side of a bathtub, shower seat, or walk-in tub. By "back side", we mean the side that is not exposed to the water.Shop Now
    Is this a safe product to put in my home or business? What about EMF?
    Yes. All our heating solutions endure rigorous development and quality control testing to ensure that your floor heating system is reliable and safe. Due to the shielding used in ThermoSoft products, our radiant heat systems add virtually zero EMF.Shop Now
    Can I use ThermoTub with my tub material?
    ThermoTub can be used with most contemporary tub materials, but is not compatible with cast iron. You can use ThermoTub with acrylic or comparable materials including fiberglass, gel coated fiberglass, acrylic/fiberglass combinations or acrylic capped ABS. If you don't see your tub material listed, just give us a call and we can help you confirm that ThermoTub will fit with your application.Shop Now
    How do I install ThermoTub? How does it all get connected?
    ThermoTub has an adhesive layer built in that adheres to the surface of the back side of the tub. The adhesive pads have easy connectors that link to a controller which is then plugged in to a standard GFCI 120-volt outlet or hard wired through a junction box. Check out our install section and full installation manual for more details on this.Shop Now
    Will this be visible?
    The ThermoTub heaters will be completely invisible. The only visible component for a standard installation is the single button controller.Shop Now
    Can I combine more than one heater to fit my tub?
    Yes. Up to 4 heaters can be placed on a single controller, which is sufficient for most applications. You can utilize multiple controllers if needed. Keep in mind each heater has an assigned wattage output rating. A single controller can handle up to 96 watts, so consider your wattage total when combining heaters.Shop Now
    Can I cut, shorten, or reshape the heaters?
    No, you cannot cut or puncture the heaters. If you do not see a size and shape that fits with your application, call us and we can discuss custom sizing with you.Shop Now
    Can I shorten the cables?
    No, the wiring that extends from the controllers to connect to the heaters has special connectors and therefore cannot be shortened.Shop Now
    How much will it cost to run this system?
    The cost to operate is dependent on how much area (and therefore wattage) of heater that you have, how frequently you use your heaters, and your local electrical rates. Operation cost is impossible to estimate accurately here, but feel free to give us a call to discuss! Keep in mind that as a controller handles up to 96 watts, the cost to operate can be likened to a 100 watt lightbulb that is lit infrequently.Shop Now
    How hot does ThermoTub get?
    The temperature that is reached by ThermoTub is dependent on the ambient temperatures of the room. The controller allows the user to stop the heat-up at a given level and maintain a temperature for 30 minutes. The system shuts off after 30 minutes for safety, but can be reinitiated.Shop Now
    How long will ThermoTub last? How long is the warranty?
    ThermoTub has a 3 year warranty on the heating pads, and the controllers have a 2 year warranty.Shop Now
    I'm still confused.
    Then call us, email us, or message us through our website! Shop Now

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