Our mission is to provide comfort, joy, and wellness by creating the most advanced, safest, energy-efficient, and reliable heating products.

Since our founding in 1996, we have delivered on our mission and remain dedicated to providing the best service, support, and products by placing our customers first. We will never compromise on quality or safety!

To keep our commitment, we are devoted to relentless innovation. Our patented FiberThermics® heating technology safely brings warmth and comfort to every area of your home. We have expanded our product line to include outdoor, indoor, agricultural, and custom heating solutions. ThermoSoft designs, manufactures, and distributes various electric radiant heating products that provide safe, reliable, and green energy solutions with great value.

Based in Vernon Hills, Illinois, our quest for perfection constantly keeps us researching and innovating to find new ways to deliver the benefits of radiant heating or improve upon longstanding technologies. Our passion is ingenuity, quality, and fulfilling our commitment to excellence!

Our Core Values

To achieve our mission and keep our promise, we are:

  • Committed to excellence
  • Meticulously dedicated to safety
  • Devoted to customer care and service
  • Steadfast and passionate about innovation
  • Mindful of our responsibilities to the environment
  • Loyal, sincere & respectful of our staff and customers
  • Dedicated to creating the best value
  • Grateful to our loyal customers and partners
  • Humbled by 26 years of service and providing safe, energy-efficient, and innovative electric radiant heating products to communities across the USA and globally

Our Most Prominent Industry

Underfloor radiant heat is our most common application of our radiant heat technology. Radiant heat brings comfort and luxury to any space, and we give homeowners, installers, and retailers access to the best in radiant heating solutions. We know that we aren’t the only provider of radiant heat products, but we also know that we have superior solutions for your project; that our development, design, value, and support are the best in the industry.

Thermosoft's Heating Element Technology Widely Used in Many Industries, Some of Them Being:

ThermoSoft heating technology is used in apparel, such as winterwear. About us.

Winter, work and extreme sports clothing including: coats, jackets, vests, pants, gloves, socks, shoes, boots

ThermoSoft heating technology is used in automotive industries, such as car seat heaters. About ThermoSoft.

Thermosoft is an approved seat heater supplier to VW Automotive Group.

ThermoSoft heating technology is used in bedding products, such as mattress pads. About ThermoSoft.
  • Blankets
  • Mattress pads
  • Mattresses
  • Air Beds
ThermoSoft heating technology is used in furniture applications. About ThermoSoft.
  • Recliners
  • Seat Heaters
  • Lumber Heaters
  • Personal Workspaces
ThermoSoft heating technology is most widely used in floor heating applications, such as tile, laminate, and wood. About ThermoSoft.
Floor Heating
  • Tile Floor Heating
  • Laminate and Vinyl Floor Heating
  • Carpet Floor Heating
  • Wood Floor Heating
About us. ThermoSoft heating technology is used in military-grade personal protection applications.
Personal Protection
  • Medical Patient Warming Systems
  • Military Hypothermia Heaters
  • Underwater Dry Suit Heaters
About us. ThermoSoft heating technology is included in spa and massage applications, such as massage tables.
Spa & Massage
  • Massage Table
  • Massage Table Pads
  • Sleepover Mats
About us. ThermoSoft heating technology is used in bath applications, such as bathtub heaters and mirror defoggers.
Bath Fixtures
  • Bathtub Heaters
  • Shower Pan Heaters
  • Mirror Heaters
  • Towel Heaters
About us. ThermoSoft heating technology is used in outdoor applications, such as snow and ice melting for driveways and walkways.
Snow Melting
  • Driveway Snow Melting
  • Gutter and Downspout Heating
  • Pipe Freeze Protection
  • Roof De-icing
About us. ThermoSoft heating technology is used in agricultural applications, such as propagation mats.
  • Soil Heating
  • Container Heating
  • Propogation Mat Heating


Happy Roots, Better Fruits®
Water Is Optional®
Floorever Warm®
ThermoSoft International Corporation®

Our Commitment to You

ThermoSoft technical support is available with live electric radiant heating experts. They are ready to take your call now! Call (800)308-8057 for more information or help with your in-floor heating, snow melting, bathtub heating, or soil heating project.
Supported by Real People

We know that being the best doesn’t just mean superior products, it means backing them up with superior service.

ThermoSoft electric radiant heat is dedicated to providing exceptional technical support and superior electric radiant heating products to its electric radiant heating client family.
Priority 1: Making You Happy

Creating joy and comfort with our heat applications is our primary motivation.

ThermoSoft has been an industry titan since 1996 and continues to lead the way in the electric radiant heating industry due to its relentless pledge to quality products at a reasonable price.
Industry-Best Value

American-made quality, easy installation, and safe operation. All competitively priced for the best value in radiant heating.

ThermoSoft electric radiant heating products utilize exclusive technology developed by ThermoSoft. FiberThermics are ThermoSoft’s patented safety feature that provides reliability AND magnificent comfort, made in the USA.
Innovative & Reliable Design

Pushing the industry forward with innovation and here for long haul with the greatest reliability. That’s why our systems are in our homes too.

The ThermoSoft electric radiant heat team works diligently to ensure your satisfaction. By understanding your needs, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating can help serve you better.
Understanding Your Needs

ThermoSoft is the best partner for your project because we know when to listen, and when to offer guidance.

By providing safety, reliability, and support, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating is pledging its commitment to you. Backed by industry-leading warranties, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating’s integrity is what sets it apart from the rest.
Persistent Integrity

Our reputation is one of our best assets. We developed that reputation by delivering on every promise.

Community Service

ThermoSoft believes in the importance of giving back and investing in our community. This is why we have donated materials, profits, and time to such causes. Volunteering with the Saint Bernard Project, ThermoSoft helped to rebuild and restore homes in New Orleans that had been flooded by hurricane Katrina. ThermoSoft has also donated a workout facility to a local Synagogue.

St. Bernard Project, New Orleans
About ThermoSoft. The ThermoSoft team is seen ready to rebuild outside a home that had been flooded in Hurricane Katrina. ThermoSoft company gives back with community service.
About ThermoSoft. ThermoSoft helpers outside a home that they will rehab.
About ThermoSoft. Construction is underway as masks are worn to avoid dust.
About ThermoSoft. An empty room inside a rehabbed home is on its way to a new beginning as the ThermoSoft team makes a difference.
Gym in Northbrook, IL
About ThermoSoft. An array of fitness machines lines the wall in a gym, donated by ThermoSoft.
About ThermoSoft. Mats are laid, and people exercise and train inside the ThermoSoft-donated gym.