“My biggest regret in my last home was not putting in radiant heat under my wood floors. Everyone told me it was not reasonable until I found ThermoSoft. Thankfully my contractor knew to suggest it.”

From the start of construction to the finishing touches, installing radiant heating systems from ThermoSoft offers great opportunities for contractors. Our radiant heat systems add value to your project, increase profitability, help you stand out from competing bids, and ultimately result in a finished project with a distinctly luxurious feel that your customers will love.

When building an addition, sunroom, or above garage finished space radiant heat will simplify construction by reducing the need for costly duct work that steal space from usable areas. Radiant heat used to be a difficult and time-consuming installation, but our smart designs make adding our systems to your project an easier process, making it easier than ever for you to take advantage of our systems to help you grow your business.

New construction or remodeling, small projects or large, under every type of floor; ThermoSoft has the right product to offer your customers.


Designing a home or office space is not only about the look of the space, but also about how it makes you feel. Radiant heat achieves a level of luxury that will be felt in your space and will compliment the look and materials you that are visible in your space.

Consider the advantages that in-floor radiant heating can bring to a home’s design. It is silent, maintaining the serenity of cozy nooks and retreats. It allows you full use of wall space, without worrying about blocking vents or baseboard units. You can choose floor coverings to fit the atmosphere you create for your clients and still ensure safe, reliable comfort. ThermoSoft has the perfect product for any floor covering so your visual aesthetic won’t be interrupted by adding radiant heat.

Start adding radiant heat as a suggestion to your designs, and your clients will appreciate the attention to detail they hadn’t yet thought of.


There are a number of electric radiant heat systems on the market, and for a distributor or retailer, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth committing virtual or actual space to feature. Our design, reliability, and Retail Partnership Program make the choice simple: ThermoSoft is the absolute best radiant heat supplier to feature in your store or marketplace.

Homeowners want radiant heat, and contractors want a merchant that can connect them with the right products at competitive prices. Call us to find out how you can capture part of this business with minimal front-end investment.

Backed by the experience and capabilities of ThermoSoft’s 23-plus years of experience and success, as a distribution partner you will enjoy a host of benefits

  • Full system design, estimation, layouts, and in-depth consultation provided for your customers by ThermoSoft staff free to you as part of the partnership program.
  • Training for your sales staff on how to properly present radiant heat to your customer base. This can include webinars through the NWFA, webinars specific to you, teleconference and in person training
  • Rapid shipment of in stock inventory to your stores or warehouses, 99% of orders shipping same or next day.
  • Multiple carriers with several pickups per day from our production facility for quick fulfillment drop shipping
  • Ongoing customer service and Warranty support for you and your customers
  • A full line of other radiant heating products to serve all types of flooring projects
  • By offering these high-quality and unique products, your customers will have additional reasons to shop with you.
  • ThermoSoft fully supports dropship deliveries, making your logistics simple and easy.

Call us today to find out how you can start benefitting from offering our radiant heat solutions.


From our years of experience working with architects and designers, we know that the directives behind the products you specify are clear. Your projects need products that are reliable, easy to work with, and dependably available.

  • No project delays because products are in stock for the needs of most orders, and our production can be adjusted to meet the needs of major orders.
  • Full family of products that cover almost any radiant heating need, so your purchasers can come to us for a full-service sales, estimation, and delivery of the products you need.
  • The installers that work on your job will appreciate working with products like WarmStep that is simple and easy to incorporate with their standard procedures and will recognize products like ThermoTile as a step above look-alike competitors.
  • We manufacture the majority of our systems in the USA, to the highest quality control standard. We also provide the best in installation guidance, as well as post-purchase and warranty support
  • No other product offers the ease of installation like WarmStep®, and no other family of products can be the all in one solution like ThermoSoft's radiant solutions.

Let's start a conversation today to talk about how we can fit into your next project.

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