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ThermoFloor mats with pre- attached underlayment is ideal for floating laminate floors. No extra padding needed. Just lay mats out, install flooring, and enjoy!

ThermoFloor® Mats

Heated underlayment pads

WarmStep mats are thin, safe, and won’t raise your floors. Installing heated laminate floors couldn’t be easier with WarmStep by ThermoSoft.

WarmStep® Mats

Ultra-thin heating mats

ThermoTile mats are the easiest way to install electric radiant heat under tile and stone floors.  Click here to learn more.

ThermoTile® Mats

Heating cable on mesh

Embedded in CementNoNoYes
Added Floor HeightMediumLowHigh
Requires MDFYesYesNo
Labor & CostLowLowHigh
ThermoSoft is a proud US manufacturer and is located in Vernon Hills, Illinois.
ThermoSoft is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating.
ThermoSoft holds UL certifications on its radiant heating products and is committed to your safety.ThermoSoft holds ETL certifications on its radiant heating products and is committed to your safety.
ThermoSoft products have been featured on HGTV network shows.
ThermoSoft products have been featured on diy network shows.

Under Carpet Heating - Heated Carpet Floors

Introduction to Carpet Heating

Discover the ultimate luxury and comfort in your home with carpet heating systems. These innovative solutions from ThermoSoft

Understanding Carpet Heating Technology

Carpet heating, a discreet and efficient form of radiant heating, is designed specifically for carpet floors. This system involves the installation of heating mats or cables beneath the carpeted surface, spreading warmth evenly throughout the room. The result? A warm carpet that welcomes you with a gentle, consistent heat, eliminating the chill often associated with traditional flooring.

Benefits of Carpet Heating

  1. Enhanced Comfort and Coziness

    Imagine stepping onto a floor that feels like a welcoming embrace�a warm carpet that soothes your feet, especially during chilly weather. Unlike forced-air systems that can create drafts and uneven heating, carpet heating provides consistent warmth from the ground up, enveloping your space in comfort.

  2. Energy Efficiency

    Carpet heating systems offer energy-efficient solutions, allowing for zoned heating that focuses warmth precisely where it's needed. This targeted approach not only ensures your comfort but also helps in reducing energy consumption, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective heating solution.

Choosing the Right Carpet Heating System

At Thermosoft, we offer a range of high-quality carpet heating products tailored to suit various needs. Our Thermofilm Mats 36TFLM120-7 and Thermofilm Mats 36TFLM240-7 are specifically designed for carpet floors, ensuring efficient and reliable heating.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing a carpet heating system is hassle-free, especially with Thermosoft's user-friendly solutions. Our products come with comprehensive installation guidelines, making it easy for professionals or DIY enthusiasts to set up the system efficiently. Additionally, these systems require minimal maintenance, providing long-term warmth without the need for constant attention.

Experience Unmatched Comfort with Floor Heating

Elevate your home's comfort and create a cozy haven with floor heating solutions from Thermosoft. Our innovative technologies, including specialized systems for carpet heating, redefine warmth and luxury in your living spaces.

Shop Heating Systems by Floor Type

Tile & Stone

ThermoSoft electric radiant in-floor heating systems designed for tile and stone include ThermoTile mesh mats, ThermoTile Cable on uncoupling membrane, and ThermoTile Cable on straps.

Engineered & Solid Wood

ThermoSoft electric radiant in-floor heating systems designed for engineered and solid wood include WarmStep, ThermoFloor, and ThermoTile cable on mesh.


ThermoSoft radiant floor heating systems designed for laminate include ThermoFloor mats, WarmStep mats, and ThermoFilm mats.


ThermoSoft electric radiant in-floor heating systems designed for vinyl include WarmStep mats, ThermoFloor mats, and ThermoTile cable mesh mats.


ThermoSoft radiant in-floor heating systems designed for carpet include WarmStep mats, ThermoFloor mats, and ThermoTile cable mesh mats.

Concrete Slab

ThermoSoft radiant in-floor heating systems designed for concrete slabs include ThermoSlab cable, ThermoSlab mats and ThermoTile cable mesh mats.

Benefits of ThermoSoft's Floor Heating Solutions

  • Transmits heat efficiently

    Subfloors absorb, retain and radiate heat efficiently. You will feel warmer longer.

  • No socks needed

    Take the chill out of cold floors and feel welcoming warmth from your toes up.

  • Transforms ordinary spaces

    With heated floors, you'll transform your everyday spaces into a luxury retreat in your own home.

  • Minimize time and labor

    Systems designed with the most efficient installation process.

  • Heats rooms of all shapes and sizes

    Professional design help available so every project is a breeze.

  • Designed with a purpose

    We don't just aim to heat a floor; we aim to deliver a product that results in a high-quality finished experience.

  • Connects quickly and easily

    Factory attached lead wires make electrical connections simple and easy for ThermoSoft systems.

  • Near-universal compatibility

    Go ahead, pick your favorite floor covering. Our heating systems can suit anything you can throw at them.

  • No added floor height

    We have solutions to add warmth without adding height.

  • Tech-friendly

    WiFi and smart thermostats and energy saving technology let your smart home be smarter.

  • Designed for compatibility

    There is a heating system that will work with your project, call us to help you choose the right one.

  • Certified for safety

    UL or ETL Listed for the U.S. and Canada.

  • 10-year or lifetime warranty

    ThermoSoft heating systems are designed to last.

  • Premium manufacturer support

    Industry leading Direct US based support.

Our Commitment to You

ThermoSoft technical support is available with live electric radiant heating experts. They are ready to take your call now! Call (800)308-8057 for more information or help with your in-floor heating, snow melting, bathtub heating, or soil heating project.
Supported by Real People

We know that being the best doesn’t just mean superior products, it means backing them up with superior service.

ThermoSoft electric radiant heat is dedicated to providing exceptional technical support and superior electric radiant heating products to its electric radiant heating client family.
Priority 1: Making You Happy

Creating joy and comfort with our heat applications is our primary motivation.

ThermoSoft has been an industry titan since 1996 and continues to lead the way in the electric radiant heating industry due to its relentless pledge to quality products at a reasonable price.
Industry-Best Value

American-made quality, easy installation, and safe operation. All competitively priced for the best value in radiant heating.

ThermoSoft electric radiant heating products utilize exclusive technology developed by ThermoSoft. FiberThermics are ThermoSoft’s patented safety feature that provides reliability AND magnificent comfort, made in the USA.
Innovative & Reliable Design

Pushing the industry forward with innovation and here for long haul with the greatest reliability. That’s why our systems are in our homes too.

The ThermoSoft electric radiant heat team works diligently to ensure your satisfaction. By understanding your needs, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating can help serve you better.
Understanding Your Needs

ThermoSoft is the best partner for your project because we know when to listen, and when to offer guidance.

By providing safety, reliability, and support, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating is pledging its commitment to you. Backed by industry-leading warranties, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating’s integrity is what sets it apart from the rest.
Persistent Integrity

Our reputation is one of our best assets. We developed that reputation by delivering on every promise.

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