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Be proactive. Avoid slips, falls, back-breaking shoveling, and stop overpaying for expensive plowing service. Defend your family with electric snow melting mats or cables against harsh chemicals, back-breaking shoveling, and possible injuries. Protect driveways from plowing damage and your vehicles from the use of messy bags of salt.

ThermoSoft never compromises on your comfort or safety, so why would you? Invest in your safety and your peace of mind by choosing the most advanced energy-efficient, safe, and reliable radiant heat products for snow melting and more.

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ThermoSoft NeverFreeze in-ground driveway and walkway snow melting systems in mats have pre-spaced cable on mesh mats that can be easily unrolled and laid out. No slips, falls, salt, or harmful chemicals with driveway snow melt.

NeverFreeze® Mats

In-Ground Mats

ThermoSoft NeverFreeze in-ground driveway and walkway snow melting systems in cable give ultimate freedom in laying out your project.  Never shovel again with driveway snow melt! No slips, falls, salt, or harmful chemicals.

NeverFreeze® Cable

In-Ground Cable

Ideal forAsphalt and PaversConcrete
Install LaborLowMedium
Install TimeLowMedium

Driveway Heating Systems

Waking up to a driveway covered with snow and ice can be challenging for residential and commercial property owners, especially in the cold, early morning. From back-breaking shoveling to the increased fall risks, battling winter can be hazardous. But with automated driveway snow and ice melting systems, you can start your day safely with a driveway completely clear of snow and ice. Driveway snow melting systems eliminate the need for manual snow removal by melting snow and ice accumulation and preventing any build-up. Whether through a hydronic or electrical system, installing a heated driveway can benefit homeowners and business owners in many ways.

Driveway Heat - What Is It?

Driveway Heat can be achieved by installing electrically heated cables or mats to instantly melt snow on surface contact. The heated system can melt snow or ice, preventing further build-up that can destroy your cement or asphalt driveway.

People install driveway snow and ice melting for the same purpose as floor heating in their homes - to deliver consistent heat across surfaces such as driveways and walkways using electric or hydronic methods. When a heated driveway automatically detects snow on its surface, the system melts it and quickly prevents ice accumulation. This automated system eliminates the hazards of manual snow removal and slippery ice formation.

A heated driveway dries faster, reducing the chances of black ice forming on the surface. A proactive approach to cold-weather safety means being prepared to maneuver vehicles safely through a driveway and walking safely without fear of slipping.

Types of Heating Systems for Your Driveway

The need for automated driveway snow removal has led to the development of different automatic heating systems. Collectively, their main purpose is to provide a clear and safe driveway by automatically melting snow and ice. However, their installation processes can differ.

Hydronic Radiant Driveway Heating Systems

Hydronic heating systems use tubes heated and circulated through a closed loop under the driveway's surface. A boiler heats treated water and antifreeze through the tubes. After detecting snow, the system circulates treated water and works to heat the surface, which warms the driveway.

Electric Radiant Driveway Heating Systems

On the other hand, electric systems rely on heating cables or mats embedded within the driveway. When electricity passes through these cables or mats, they produce heat due to their inherent resistance. This heat then radiates upward, melting snow and ice on the driveway's surface.

Differences Between Asphalt and Concrete Applications

Choosing the right heating system for your driveway is important. Each system requires a different installation process and offers various levels of efficiency and longevity.

Installation under Asphalt

An asphalt driveway is naturally more flexible than concrete in expanding and contracting as temperature changes. This elasticity can provide a heat advantage, as asphalt can withstand the thermal stress from the heating system without cracking.

When installing heating cables or mats in asphalt, they are typically installed while laying the asphalt itself. The heating elements are placed, and hot asphalt is poured over them, ensuring seamless integration.

While asphalt is beneficial for heat resistance, it requires more maintenance due to potential corrosion, especially with heavy foot traffic. Learn more about Snow and Ice Melting Mats for Driveway and Walkway heating under Aspahlt.

Installation in Concrete

With concrete, cracks can easily form due to thermal stress. However, improved concrete mixtures and installation techniques ensure more durable concrete even with the added heat.

For concrete driveways, heating cables or mats are usually installed under the concrete layers during pouring. Proper installation is needed for even distribution to avoid potential damage to the heating elements.

Typically, concrete requires less maintenance than asphalt. However, cracks can be more challenging if they have damaged the heating system. Learn more about Snow and Ice Melting Cable for Driveway and Walkway heating under Aspahlt.

  • One size does not fit all projects. Why pay more than what you need and waste energy and your monthly budget on higher utility bills? ThermoSoft's innovative snow melting systems offer a wide range of sizes, power output, control, and sensors to provide flexibility and precision for your exact snow melting needs for driveways and walkways.
  • Thermosoft's FIVE custom-width electric snow melting mats save you on the cost of materials and energy. Our expert team will work closely with you to determine the correct size, fit, and system that will best meet your performance needs while keeping within your budget. Contact an expert and learn how much you could save!
  • Optimize the width of snow melting mats to melt the snow only where you need to. Thermosoft provides the most efficient and economical snow melting solution for long driveways, walkways, and more!
  • Our NeverFreeze Ice melt system eliminates buildup and damming with safe roof and gutter heat. Watch the ice melt and never face an ice dam again when you install our gutter and roof deicing cables.

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