Snow Melting Cables and Mats (208V and 480V)

NeverFreeze snow melting systems are compatible with both single and three phase wiring. Our experts can help select the appropriate system for your application and help to optimize your project. We have systems to accommodate a range of voltages. On this page we highlight systems designed for 208V and 480V. They are compatible with asphalt, concrete, and brick surfaces.

  • Designed for industrial, commercial, and residential applications
  • Attached single cold lead wire for easy hookup
  • Operated with reliable controls and sensors rated for outdoor use

NeverFreeze Snow Melting Mats

Snow melting mats come with factory pre-spaced heating cables for a quick and easy installation and are available with 4 and 5-inch cable spacing. Mats with 4-inch spacing distribute 45 W/ft² of heat for increased melting power. Mats with 5-inch spacing distribute 36 W/ft² of heat for expanded coverage. Contact our experts for help with your project and installation.

208V Mats 45 W/ft² (4" spacing)

208V Mats 36 W/ft² (5" spacing)

480V Mats 45 W/ft² (4" spacing)

480V Mats 36 W/ft² (5" spacing)

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NeverFreeze Snow Melting Cables

Snow melting cables offer a flexible installation allowing for adjustable spacing and can be placed to cover areas of all shapes and sizes. NeverFreeze cables are optimized to deliver the same heat output while providing 30% more coverage than competing brands. Cable can be installed with 3, 4, or 5-inch spacing with 4-inches being the most common. Heating outputs vary depending on spacing and configuration. Contact our experts for help with your project and installation.

208V Cable

480V Cable

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