We hope you can tell from the rest of our site that we love radiant heat, we know a lot about it, and we think you will love it too! We know that most of our customers don't know a lot about radiant heat and that's why we are always trying to give you as many resources as possible to learn about how radiant heat can fit into your home, and help you learn about what is new and interesting in the world of ThermoSoft and radiant heat.

These blogs and articles will help you learn about what radiant heat can do for you, be sure to also check our page for more technical knowledge.

59:12 min
NWFA Webinar Part 1

Electric Floor Heating - Introduction to Radiant Heating for Wood Floors

55:49 min
NWFA Webinar Part 2

Controlling Electric Floor Heating Under Wood Flooring and Basic Troubleshooting

57:59 min
NWFA Webinar Part 3

Electric Floor Heating - Wood Flooring Installation Methods

54:56 min
NWFA Webinar Part 4

Jun 24 NWFA ThermoSoft Understanding In-Floor Electric Heat per NWFA Guidelines

59:24 min
NWFA Webinar Part 5

Aug 25 NWFA ThermoSoft How to Choose a Wood Floor to Install with Direct-Contact Floor Electric Heating Systems

50:43 min
NWFA Webinar Part 6

Oct 21 NWFA WebinarThermoSoft Installing Nail-Down & Glue-Down Wood Floors Over Electric In-Floor Heating

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