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ThermoSoft floor heating systems bring comfort and luxury to all floor covering types such as tile, laminate, wood, carpet, vinyl and slab. Shop Floor Heating by clicking here.

Floor Heating

ThermoSoft outdoor snow melting and deicing systems help safeguard you home against environmental damage. Shop Snow Melting for outdoors by clicking here.

Snow Melting

ThermoSoft bathtub heaters easily and effortlessly transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa. Click here to learn more about our Bathtub heaters.

Bathtub Heaters

ThermoSoft soil and pot heaters create faster growing, healthier plants for personal or industrial operations. Learn more and Shop Soil and Pot Heaters.

Soil & Pot Heaters

ThermoSoft is a proud US manufacturer and is located in Vernon Hills, Illinois.
ThermoSoft is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating.
ThermoSoft holds UL certifications on its radiant heating products and is committed to your safety.ThermoSoft holds ETL certifications on its radiant heating products and is committed to your safety.
ThermoSoft products have been featured on HGTV network shows.
ThermoSoft products have been featured on diy network shows.
ThermoSoft electric radiant heating systems for your home or office. Electric radiant heating systems by ThermoSoft are the most efficient, cleanest, and economical solutions available. Call or click to learn more.

Enjoy the Safest, Cleanest, Most Economical Way of Heating Your Home or Office

Simple, easy installation too! Learn more about the warmth and comfort that our electric radiant heat delivers. You’ll also eliminate the blowing of dust and allergens while giving your space a luxurious, high-end aesthetic.

ThermoSoft technical support. ThermoSoft experts are available at all stages of your heating project. Call or click to learn more.

All of the Support You Need Before, During, and After Installation

Our products are designed and supported by professionals with experience identifying the right products for any application as well as answering any related questions. As a vertically-integrated US manufacturer, we ensure the quality at every point.

ThermoSoft innovations. Electric radiant heating systems by ThermoSoft. Experience WarmStep, the latest breakthrough in electric radiant floor heating for wood floors. Call or click to learn more.

Experience Innovative Developments

WarmStep®, the world’s only solution for direct nail or glue down wood floors, is just one example of how we keep working to make improvements in radiant heat solutions. Check back often for our latest innovations.

ThermoSoft has the most cutting-edge, innovative heating solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whatever you’re looking for, ThermoSoft has the right product for you. Call or click to learn more.

With Heating Solutions for Every Home, Office and Outdoor Application, We have the Right System for You

Whether you are adding luxurious radiant heat to your floors or need an outdoor heating solution, ThermoSoft is your best partner for your project – and your convenient one-stop shop.

Our Commitment to You

ThermoSoft technical support is available with live electric radiant heating experts. They are ready to take your call now! Call (800)308-8057 for more information or help with your in-floor heating, snow melting, bathtub heating, or soil heating project.
Supported by Real People

We know that being the best doesn’t just mean superior products, it means backing them up with superior service.

ThermoSoft electric radiant heat is dedicated to providing exceptional technical support and superior electric radiant heating products to its electric radiant heating client family.
Priority 1: Making You Happy

Creating joy and comfort with our heat applications is our primary motivation.

ThermoSoft has been an industry titan since 1996 and continues to lead the way in the electric radiant heating industry due to its relentless pledge to quality products at a reasonable price.
Industry-Best Value

American-made quality, easy installation, and safe operation. All competitively priced for the best value in radiant heating.

ThermoSoft electric radiant heating products utilize exclusive technology developed by ThermoSoft. FiberThermics are ThermoSoft’s patented safety feature that provides reliability AND magnificent comfort, made in the USA.
Innovative & Reliable Design

Pushing the industry forward with innovation and here for long haul with the greatest reliability. That’s why our systems are in our homes too.

The ThermoSoft electric radiant heat team works diligently to ensure your satisfaction. By understanding your needs, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating can help serve you better.
Understanding Your Needs

ThermoSoft is the best partner for your project because we know when to listen, and when to offer guidance.

By providing safety, reliability, and support, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating is pledging its commitment to you. Backed by industry-leading warranties, ThermoSoft electric radiant heating’s integrity is what sets it apart from the rest.
Persistent Integrity

Our reputation is one of our best assets. We developed that reputation by delivering on every promise.

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FiberThermics® Heating Technology

FiberThermics is a heating technology based on electro-conductive, non-combustible textile fibers and is part of what makes ThermoSoft products so unique. This technology makes heating systems immensely more durable, more flexible, and much safer than traditional metal wires. ThermoSoft has been working with FiberThermics since 1996 because it is the best way to deliver gentle, evenly distributed warmth.

Want help designing a radiant heat system?

ThermoSoft has the best design, consultation and support teams to help you make the best choice for your project.